Terms & Conditions




-   My House of Tales or its affiliates cannot be held responsible for any Acts of God that may result in personal discomfort or unforeseen performance conditions.

-  When purchasing tickets, you agree to the terms, rules and conditions posted on our website. Please visit our website for a full disclosure of our terms of use.



PreSale Tickets


- Presale tickets purchase between 9-15-2019 and 10-31-2019 will have no restriction of time

  or day  unless specified on the ticket. VALID ONLY THROUGH DECEMBER 2019

- Presale tickets will not be refunded and are not transferable.

- Presale tickets voucher will have to be exchanged at the ticket counter for ticket entrances 

  for a specific time.         


- Customer service personnel are not obligated to issue refunds.

- Refunds are only available upon discretion of the attending manager.

- In the event of a refund, we may collect the identity information of the person receiving the


- Any refunds will be issue with in 7 business days and only through the same payment

  method used for the original purchase.

- Refound will only be issue to the person who originally purchase the ticket.

- On credit card transaction, user waves his/her right to do any charge backs with the credit

  card company or processing entity.

- No refunds will be given due to inclement weather or acts out of our control.     


Reasons to be remove from the venue or show


- In the event a person is remove from the show or venue, no refund or compensation will be 


- We reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone.

- In the event of inappropriate conduct, a person can be remove from the show or venue.

- Inappropriate behavior, use of faulty language or promoting of hate or attack towards other

  will have immediate removal from the venue.

- We reserve the right of entry if we see conduct that may lead to possible danger or injury to

  yourself or other guests.


Online or Phone Purchases


- Any tickets purchase through phone, reselling agents, or website is asked to exchange their

  purchased tickets for a time stamp ticket.

- We may ask for your photo ID and credit card use for the purchase of tickets prior to issuing

  a time stamp ticket.



- We may change the terms of use at any time without notification.

- Tickets for the presentation or show are a ONE TIME USE only.

- Children under 3 years of age must purchase a ticket.

- We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the show or presentation.

- The Ticket Holder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether

  occurring prior to, during or after the actual event or show, including any death, personal

  injury, loss, damage or liability

- Information is collected from those purchasing tickets through our website or agents in

  order to facilitate ticket purchase or other services available. This information is collected

  and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these conditions.

- No smoking inside our facility, while waiting in line or during the show.

- The consumption of food or drinks is not allowed in side the venue or during the


- You are aware that we may record video or audio in our facility.

- We may use the ticket holder’s image or likeness in any live or recorded video display,

  photograph or picture.

- We may use any video or photograph we record in our facility for advertising without any

  notice to you.